Central Office

Atty. Michael Drake P. Matias
Cheif, EIAMD

Engr. Esperanza A Sajul
Chief, Review and Evaluation Section

Ms. Raquel Smith C. Ortega
Chief, Monitoring and Validation Section

Engr. Marivic E. Yao
Chief, Systems Planning, Policy and Special Projects Section

Review and Evaluation Section Monitoring and Validation Section Systems Planning, Policy and Special Projects
Mr. Carl Louie Santiago
Environmental Specialist II
Mr. Roy V. Llenos
Legal Counsel
Engr. Regina Paula D. Eugenio
Engineer III
Engr. Jose Paolo Aragoncillo
Engineer II
Engr. Joel Polintan
Engineer II
For. Marie Engelene M. Alvarez
Environmental Specialist II
Engr. Carlo Vic Arida
Senior Environmental Management Specialist
Mr. Vermon Timbas
Environmental Specialist II
Mr. Gemini Candelario
Environmental Specialist II
Ms. Leonora L. Leones
Administrative Staff VI
Engr. Mary Therese Gonzales
Engineer II
Ms. Ma. Lanie D. Dizon
Junior Technical Support Staff  Information Technology
Ms. Sonia Alcon
Administrative Staff VI
For. Mark Anthony C. Tuliao
Environmental Specialist II
Ms. May Guillermo
Administrative Staff VI
Mr. Jessie Tañola
Administrative Staff II
Engr. Joyce Faith C. Almadrones
Engineer II
Ms. Joena Marie Pagulayan
Administrative Support Staff
Mr. Lemuel De Leon
Mr. Xairus Rey C. Guzman
Environmental Management Specialist