In compliance with the DENR Memorandum Circular 2010-14 dated June 29, 2010 prescribing the outline of the contents of EIA Reports required for ECC applications and the directive to focus the EIA Study to the most critical environmental impacts, project type-specific EIS Screening Form was formulated for projects requiring an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) per existing guidelines.  The EIS Screening forms highlights the pre-identification of the projected environmental impacts per project type and the corresponding baseline data and the assessment methodology requirement. These EIS Screening forms shall be used as a guide for scoping and for completeness checking of EISs submitted as a requirement for ECC application. The EIS Screening Forms likewise provide guide in the identification of the critical climate and disaster risk parameters that need to be factored-in in the EIA Study as well as climate change adaptation options that should be considered/studied and incorporated in the project design.

To date the following project type specific EIS Screening Forms has been developed:

  • Agricultural Plantation
  • Food, Food By-products & Beverages Manufacturing
  • Forestry Projects
  • Hydropower & Dam Projects
  • Mining Projects
  • Non-Food Manufacturing
  • Sanitary Landfill Projects
  • Thermal Power Plants